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1 Simple Trick That Can Take Your Services To the Next Level TODAY!

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Today’s post is very short.  I want to share with you one simple production tip that you can implement today to really enhance your services.  In order to illustrate a point, I want you to press this play button. It’s going to play a simple pad sound while you read.  Make sure you can hear it well.  Continue reading and I’ll …

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Are You Numb To The Whole “Worship Service” Thing?

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One of the most awkward situations I’ve ever been in was a job interview for a worship position at a fairly large church in my city.  We went up to their media room and one of the two men interviewing me asked me to play and sing for them. They handed me a guitar and away I went with “Draw …

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Worship Music and Playing by Ear: 5 Big Reasons

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Sure, you can play every set/song staring at some sheets of paper, spend your days frantically searching online for chords,  always annoying people by asking them for chord charts, waste money by paying for them… Or You can learn to play by ear! Worship musicians seem to be the joke of the music industry these days.  Why?  Because it’s filled …

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New Worship Albums You Have to Have

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I get asked all the time about new worship music I’m listening to, so I decided to dedicate a post to it. As far as new worship music goes, there are a few albums that have been released in the last couple of months that have really stood out to me.   This list is in no way comprehensive and …

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Stop Worshiping, It’s Time for “Special Music”


I was recently at a church service where they actually still have “special music.” I say actually because I thought everyone did away with “special music” years ago when the pilgrims died. I’m joking, and I don’t mean to offend you if your church still has “special music,” but there are just a few things about special music that I …

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Solve Your “No Keyboardist” Problem Once And For All

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I’m taking a break from the “Band Shmand, YOU bring the worship” series today to share some interesting stuff with you! Worship Pads Pads in worship are exactly what they say they are.  A pad.  But not just any pad.  I imagine worship bands playing over a pit of spikes…What the pads do is protect the worship band from plummeting …

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Swerve Free Mp3 Download

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What better way to kick off my only halfway finished blog than to post the Music Video @danielmaddry and I just finished! Download links and lyrics at the Bottom!   Download the tracks  Lyrics: (CHORUS) Ride my penny after dark hang my eno in the park but you probably never heard of it feelin fly and I’m swervin it (VERSE …

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