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How To Not Be Bored At Church

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When people ask me my goals in life (not that I get asked that a lot, but it does happen) they are sometimes startled by my answer. I always respond, “To never be bored.” You may think I’m crazy, or even slightly ignorant. I mean, what about the thousands of self help books and speakers that tell us to make …

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1 Simple Trick That Can Take Your Services To the Next Level TODAY!

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Today’s post is very short.  I want to share with you one simple production tip that you can implement today to really enhance your services.  In order to illustrate a point, I want you to press this play button. It’s going to play a simple pad sound while you read.  Make sure you can hear it well.  Continue reading and I’ll …

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You Might As Well Punch Jesus In the Face If You’re Gonna Do This!

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Today I want to stand high upon a soapbox that I’ve been meaning to stand on for a while now.  You may feel differently on this particular issue than me, so feel free to write a book on it, or leave a comment below…whichever is easier. I was in a church some months ago where a lady passed out this …

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The “Secret Weapon” to Service Planning

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Long time no see!  I’ve been extremely busy these last few months and as a result, it’s been way too long since I’ve added a new post.  I’ll update you guys on what’s been going on with me at the end of this post! Now-a-days in church, the big thing in service planning is being “relevant.”  You know you’ve heard …

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Are You Numb To The Whole “Worship Service” Thing?

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One of the most awkward situations I’ve ever been in was a job interview for a worship position at a fairly large church in my city.  We went up to their media room and one of the two men interviewing me asked me to play and sing for them. They handed me a guitar and away I went with “Draw …

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Who’s Faking Worship In Your Church?

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As a worship leader, there are few things better than finishing a worship service where it seemed that everyone in the entire place was going crazy for Jesus. You know what I mean!  The service where everyone in the congregation is singing, jumping, lifting their hands, stage diving…ok, stage diving is questionable.  The point is, that it really makes a …

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Why It’s Better if Some Christians Just Shut Up


*I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m having a lot of fun with the crazy titles I’ve been using lately” Recently I was having a conversation with a person I met in Starbucks.  I noticed he was reading his Bible, so I politely asked what he was reading.  (I love to meet new people and have good conversations) We …

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Why Some Churches Are Crappy Places To Be


Disclaimer:  If you’re new to my blog, I don’t always use crazy titles like this one.  I’ve just found it appropriate lately. I remember my first time to ever share my faith with someone like it was yesterday.  I wanted to invite a buddy at work to church with me. It took me months to finally gain up the courage …

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Should We Allow Un-Saved Musicians to Play In Our Services?

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Quite often I’m asked my opinion of if it’s OK to hire unsaved musicians to play in a worship service.  I’ve heard this topic debated from every angle you can possibly imagine, and I’ve even seen it done a few times.  I mean, God can move through anyone, right? Let’s look to the Bible.  I believe this answer can be …

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Holding Hands In Church – Just A Few Observations

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Christians love to touch.  Whether it’s holding hands, putting arms around each other, hugging, etc., we just love it!  As someone with a personal bubble security like Alcatraz, I’m pretty sensitive to the whole touching gig. I’d say that this quality makes me very aware when touching is happening.  Specifically holding hands.  Here are a few things I’ve observed about …

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