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You Don’t have to be Hillsong to Have “Powerful Worship”

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This is part three of a seven part series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed below. So my big point today is, Don’t count on anyone else to bring “powerful” worship! I’ve been a part of countless “services” where too many people have …

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Solve Your “No Keyboardist” Problem Once And For All

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I’m taking a break from the “Band Shmand, YOU bring the worship” series today to share some interesting stuff with you! Worship Pads Pads in worship are exactly what they say they are.  A pad.  But not just any pad.  I imagine worship bands playing over a pit of spikes…What the pads do is protect the worship band from plummeting …

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Give Me 5 Minutes, and I’ll Show You Why Your Church Doesn’t Worship

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This is part two of a seven part series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed at the bottom. Teach about Worship! What else is there better to do with people that don’t actually know a thing about worship, than to TEACH ABOUT IT! I …

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Band Shmand, YOU Bring The Worship

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This is part 1 of a 7 part series on what we can do to bring true worship into our churches.  It’s about to get real!  I have all of the posts in this series listed at the bottom. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a phone call or email from a pastor inviting me to come …

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Take Some Freakin Notes – 3 Reasons Why

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Do you ever just feel good about yourself after taking notes in church? I could have sat on the couch eating Cheetos and watching Sponge Bob all day, but if I took notes during a service that night, I can rest well feeling like I just took a giant leap in achieving my life goals. Not to mention it gives …

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3 Tips to Keeping People Off of the Church Sound Board

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The nerve of people to think that they are entitled to freely adjust knobs and sliders on our sound boards…Right?  After we’ve slaved for hours to get the right sounds and levels! And for all of you who’ve been cussed out by Rob the sound nerd in church for messing with his system, this post is also for you! We’ve …

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Swerve Free Mp3 Download

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What better way to kick off my only halfway finished blog than to post the Music Video @danielmaddry and I just finished! Download links and lyrics at the Bottom!   Download the tracks  Lyrics: (CHORUS) Ride my penny after dark hang my eno in the park but you probably never heard of it feelin fly and I’m swervin it (VERSE …

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