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Do You Make This Mistake When Planning Your Services?

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The other day I showed up a little early to a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine. And yes, I know the “cool” people don’t get there till late, but it doesn’t quite work that way with surprise parties. You’ll just end up missing the surprise. Anyways, when I got there, it was like I walked into onto …

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4 Things About Gratitude That Will Change Your Life

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“Let’s go around the table and everyone share one thing that we are thankful for!” Is this dumb Thanksgiving game the extent of your thankfulness on Thanksgiving? Or maybe it’s the one time a year you are actively giving thanks? Thankfulness runs so much deeper than this.  God has a lot to say about it. 1) God has a protocol …

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Recently I had a revelation of God that shook me. The question, “Is God safe?” really racked my brain. In the American church, the answer to the question “Is God safe?” surely is a resounding “yes.” I mean, God is always there, always comforting, and always accepting, right? The way that I see it is, when we are done treating …

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Rhetorical Question Answering Guy

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Today I want to recognize a personal hero of mine.  It’s someone that we all have in our congregations.  It’s the rhetorical question answering guy. Nothing brightens my day like a good ole answer yelled out after the pastor asks a hypothetical/rhetorical question.  Rhetorical question …when the pastor asks something that’s meant to make you reflect.  …It’s obviously not to …

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Why Budget and Resources Are NEVER an Excuse

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I’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately about my post on Church Mediocrity. You can find it here. The feedback I’ve been getting has had a lot to do with this statement: “Well, we just don’t have the budget or the resources to make our band/singers/greeters/designs better.” Let me just say that as soon as you completely delete that …

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Worship Music and Playing by Ear: 5 Big Reasons

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Sure, you can play every set/song staring at some sheets of paper, spend your days frantically searching online for chords,  always annoying people by asking them for chord charts, waste money by paying for them… Or You can learn to play by ear! Worship musicians seem to be the joke of the music industry these days.  Why?  Because it’s filled …

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Stop Worshiping, It’s Time for “Special Music”


I was recently at a church service where they actually still have “special music.” I say actually because I thought everyone did away with “special music” years ago when the pilgrims died. I’m joking, and I don’t mean to offend you if your church still has “special music,” but there are just a few things about special music that I …

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How prepared are you for church?

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We’re all tired of the “that’s good enough for a church” attitude.  We’re sick of people expecting church to suck.  We want to bring our best to the table every single day because that’s the only way to bring honor to God.  So what can we do about it? Musicians: When’s the last time you sat down with some worship …

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Be a Gold Digger! …It Honors God

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This is part 2 of my series on excellence.  I encourage you to read Part 1: Battling the “that’s good enough for a church” Attitude, first.  I said it in that post, and I want to start today’s post with it again: The church has celebrated mediocrity for too long! After I got all fired up last week, I ended …

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Battling the “That’s Good Enough For A Church” Attitude


There is nothing that sets a fire inside of me more than a “that’s good enough for a church” attitude.  I’m going straight for the point.  The church has celebrated mediocrity for way too long. When I was younger, I remember going to a church where the band was awesome.  The vocalists were great! And I’ll be honest and say …

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