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sha bodyDisclaimer: My blog is not for the weak hearted!

Since living in one of the most churched cities in America, I’ve had the opportunity to play in just about every kind of church you can imagine. From dead religious churches who worship their traditions (good to know they know how to worship something), to large life filled churches with a passion for people.

I want to share with you the things I’ve learned that encourage growth, and the things I’ve seen that are just embarrassing to everyone involved.

After all, don’t we want people to come to our church? Disclaimer: The answer is yes. I must clarify that, because I’d swear that some places would say no. Then again, those places are probably opposed to using futuristic, satanic devices like the Internet anyways.

If you’re like me, in that; instead of monotonous tradition, you’d rather break new ground for the kingdom; then this blog is for you!  I also love sharing insight and resources for worship leaders and musicians.

This is my personal blog where I’m simply trying to learn all I can, and share all I can! In which, humor is a big part of that.

I’m from the dirty south, but don’t let that mislead you.  I’d much rather play my guitar and program dubstep in my room than hunt and fish.  I love sweet tea and I love to worship.  In fact, It’s what I am currently doing for a living. (Worship, not sweet tea.) Although, if drinking sweet tea were a business I’d be doing that too!

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