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Are You Treating Your Volunteers Like “Slaves”?

Volunteers Like SlavesIf you’ve been a part of my blog for some time, you know that I’m the biggest supporter of excellence.  I am 100% for people being prepared and honoring of the positions they have.  Today I want to take a different approach.  And I’ll start with this statement…

Your musicians on your team are not slaves. They aren’t workers. They aren’t even “your musicians.”  The musicians on your team are people that need love and patience just like anyone else.

I believe there is a huge problem in churches today with worship teams.  Musicians always seem to be the first ones burned out.  I believe it has everything to do with how we, as leaders, treat them.

What is it about our team that makes us leaders want to work them and push them around like cattle?  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that, as leaders and staff members, we have a “job” to do.  We have lists, tasks, and things that need to be done.  And we’ve got a lot of them!

Choose songs, pick keys, learn songs, learn parts, schedule rehearsals, schedule team, communicate with team, build tracks, staff meetings, etc… The list goes on forever!

With all of the things to do and get done, it’s so easy to let things like “caring for people” fall through the cracks.  Especially with the stress of the day to day weighing you down! And don’t even get me started on preparing for special events!

People and volunteers just become a means to get what we need done, done.

It’s SO important that we remember that we are here to love and serve people before anything else.  When we love and serve people, we are loving and serving Jesus.  My big point-The musicians on our team are these people!

So let me ask this; Are you lovey dovey greeting people in the lobby after church but neglecting your team?  That’s like doing great at work while your family is falling apart at home.

It goes much deeper than that though.  You have an “in” into the lives of the people on your team that no one else does.  Honor that position!  Take time to love and serve them!  Disciple and pour into their lives.

I’m going to be very direct.  If you are not loving and serving your team, you are failing as a leader.  If your team feels like you are just a boss/task manager, you are failing.

Let me also say this. NEVER raise your voice or get openly upset with anyone on your team.  ALWAYS be patient, kind, loving…you know, the fruits of the spirit.  It is the most important thing you can do.

Share with us some ways that we can keep from seeing our volunteers as “a means to get a job done” in the comments below!

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  1. John-Rock

    Good article. I think one area this is also important is establishing clear guideline of what is expected and consequences if people repeatedly fail to meet those expectations. we have had a big problem with people never being available for weekday practices and only practicing on sunday morining, or consistently showing up late.

    We have decided to take the approach Matthew 18:15-17