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1 Simple Trick That Can Take Your Services To the Next Level TODAY!

AtmosphereToday’s post is very short.  I want to share with you one simple production tip that you can implement today to really enhance your services.

 In order to illustrate a point, I want you to press this play button.

It’s going to play a simple pad sound while you read.  Make sure you can hear it well.  Continue reading and I’ll explain momentarily.

Have you ever noticed how when you go into a concert or sports event, they always have music playing before and after?  It’s because they’ve tapped into a “secret” that will keep them in business for years to come.  Atmosphere and energy is key!

Are you playing music before and after your services? You should be!  And I mean immediately before and after.  Every second in silence kills whatever mood and energy you are trying to cultivate.  Playing music is the most non-distracting thing you can do.  It keeps away the dead awkward silence.

Now hear me loud and clear.  I’m not saying all silence is bad.  In sports and entertainment, yes, all silence is bad.  However, we do have the exceptions and moments where we “have a moment of silence” or in church we just be still and know that He is God.  With these exceptions out of the way, let’s talk production.

You are creating an atmosphere whether you know it or not.  Music creates a positive atmosphere.  (Unless your music is garbage) Whether it’s a fun energetic atmosphere for Sunday or for students and you’re playing some Hillsong Y&F, or whether it’s a serious deep meditation atmosphere and you’re playing some Pad Loops.  You never notice it until it’s gone.  Now go back up to the top and hit stop.

Did you hear that? More importantly though, did you feel it?  The atmosphere in the room, or wherever you are, just disappeared.  You were ready to fall out in worship, now you just feel…awkward.  Feel free to press play again.

When you don’t play music before, after, behind announcements, and during transitions of your service, you are killing whatever atmosphere you are trying to create.  If the speaker dismisses and no music fades up, you are creating a boring dead atmosphere.  We want people to feel awake, energized, and happy!

This is why it is so important for bands to have smooth transitions without any dead space, to keep the worshipful atmosphere alive.    If you like the pad sound I used at the top, I sell them in packs in every key of music imaginable at  They come in Mp3s so you can play them off of your devices anywhere.

They were created for bands to create atmosphere without a keyboardist, but I get more and more emails of people who just love to worship and have their own personal quiet time with them.  Or people singing to them while driving down the road!

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Have any simple production tips for us? Share them below in the comments!

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  1. Lynn P.
    Lynn P.07-31-2014

    The pad loops sound helped me to concentrate on what I was reading in your post. After I stopped it, I had to focus harder to finish reading.
    I can see in the same way the background music/pad loops helps to remind you of why you are there in that church service…God in all His Glory. In unpurposed silence, we begin to think about lunch or our to-do-list.
    Good point Shalon.
    Pad loops serve the Purpose.

  2. John

    I am a Worship Pastor. Started using these Pad loops back in January. They help us to have a fuller sound and during transitions help keep the worship atmosphere flowing while musicians are turning pages, changing settings tuning guitars, trying to remember how to play the opening lead on the next song etc. I’ve been using Pad Loops on almost everything we do most of 2014. The amazing thing is most people don’t even notice they are there all they notice is the atmosphere in the room is more conducive to worship. They are not a magic pill but I must say its the best $30 I ever invested in our music ministry. If you can’t go to click tracks because of budget or team opposition, these will help you achieve that modern sound when you don’t have an extra guitarist or keyboardist with a passion for creating atmosphere. Buy them now, use them this week. Thank me later. Thanks to Shalon for creating them. Thanks Jon Nicol ( for recommending them. God Bless.

    • Rennifer

      Stands back from the keyboard in amtaemenz! Thanks!

  3. Jeremy

    Hey.. Great post. “The play button worked for me.”

    • Deacon

      That’s a mokbadre-ler. Great thinking!

  4. Heather

    As always your posts are insightful and relatively easy to try to implement. I do have a comment re the post, I couldn’t hear anything on the “play” was that purposeful? It was unclear from your writing whether we would hear music or silence!

    Transitions are always hard, especially when you have newer leadership who hasn’t quite understood the need for music in the background to set the mood. I try at times when he’s talking to play but I’m not sure he understands why I do. But as I’m not getting the “stinkeye” then I believe he’s ok with it (I’m a very experienced keyboard player/singer leading or being on worship teams for nearly 35 years, whilst he is in his first leadership position as an early 20something). But he hasn’t stressed the need for it and sometimes it is a bit awkward when I have to change settings on the keyboard before the next song, and I would appreciate it if the other keyboardist would do this (he keeps the same setting throughout, normally).
    Best to you and keep up the good work!

    • Justin

      Nice article! I need to add music before our worship set for sure. When the house music fades out, it also let’s the church know, “Hey! We’re getting started now”—and the fellowship-time chatter quiets down. Maybe something really upbeat afterwards to clear the room quickly for the next service. Perhaps the William Tell Overture?
      I purchased your entire loop set and it really helps fill in the sound whether the whole band is playing or it’s just me playing acoustic and singing. Valuable tool. Thanks!

      • Heather

        We currently meet in a movie theatre, and some Sundays, when we gone a hair (and I do mean a hair) too long the patrons come in early or the pre-movie stuff auto starts and we DO need the William Tell Overture to get us gone! Once we had a only 7 minutes to pack up every thing, including sound board, speakers, snake, 2 keyboards, music stands, drums, etc and get gone. Not pretty and things were misplaced!