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Are You Taking Responsibility For Your Own Worship?

This is just a short piece of my free eBook I give away as a gift to people who subscribe to get my blog posts via email.  I hope it speaks to you in the same way it did me.  

And I know what you’re thinking, “If he wrote it, and it’s speaking to him, does that mean he’s speaking to himself?”  No it doesn’t. And thanks for thinking the worst of me.  Let me be more specific, the spirit spoke something new to me!  …Ha, I’d like to see you question the Spirit.  …moving on…

DontForgetTheWoshipI can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten an invite from a pastor to come play at his or her (yes, HER. I’m no sexist) church and somewhere in the conversation he or she throws in a statement along the lines of “we just need powerful worship,” or “we want you guys to bring some powerful worship.”

I’m sure all of these pastors have a great heart and good intentions, but what I tend to hear in these statements is “our church is dead, please come help!” This is a bold statement, but I would never say a thing if it didn’t turn out that more often than not, I heard right!

I am a firm believer in that everything comes back to leadership, and I am finding out that more and more people don’t know a thing about worship!

I want to urge leaders not to neglect time spent teaching people HOW, or the importance of, worship! Not just worship leaders, but pastors, deacons, greeters, musicians, priests, pharaohs…etc. Note that you should probably LEARN YOURSELF FIRST!

“YOU take responsibility for your worship. It’s not something that can be given to you by a band or pastor.”

So often we’re neglecting teaching people about worship. Then we expect a band to come in, or have a conference or revival or something, and for gold dust to just start flying through the air and people to start getting slain in the spirit.

With this short book, I want to inspire and motivate YOU to bring the powerful worship! It doesn’t come from the band! (This could be a message of hope for those of you who have sucky bands) It’s like Smoky the Bear says; “Only you can prevent forest fires.” He’s saying that it’s ultimately not up to the firefighters to prevent fires. It’s our responsibility. (I know it’s a dumb analogy)

In the same way, we can’t count on the band or some leader to bring powerful worship. It’s everyone’s job. So that means that we can’t blame the band for pathetic worship. So many times I’ve spoken to someone who had an incredible worship experience, then talked to someone else, who was in the SAME SERVICE, that had a poor one. Is that the bands fault? No, it’s a personal thing!

I also want to challenge YOU to dive into learning what the Bible teaches about true worship. My heart is truly burdened for the American church. It seems to be a sleeping giant.

Throughout this book, I’m going to share some ideas of what I’ve seen that can help us grow as worshipers, and lead others to do the same. …and not just to make my job as a worship leader easier, but so we can see our churches exploding with passion and growth.

What I’d like to end with today is another challenge for YOU to take responsibility for your worship. It’s not something that can be given to you from a band or pastor. The ball is now officially in your court now. What are you going to do about it?

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What are some ways that you encourage yourself or your team to worship? Share in the comments below!

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