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Why Some Churches Are Crappy Places To Be


Disclaimer:  If you’re new to my blog, I don’t always use crazy titles like this one.  I’ve just found it appropriate lately. I remember my first time to ever share my faith with someone like it was yesterday.  I wanted to invite a buddy at work to church with me. It took me months to finally gain up the courage …

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Why Religion and Tradition SUCK!

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I realize that my title for this post isn’t the most professional of titles. However, after much debate with myself, it’s the best way to put what I want to say.  Read on. Once when I was invited as a guest to play at a local church, I showed up early to set my gear up.  This church was very …

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3 Things You Should Know About In-Ear Monitors

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If you play music in church or in a worship band, you’ve most likely gotten, or considered getting, some in-ear monitors (IEMs). Especially as more and more churches switch from traditional floor wedges, to in-ear systems, more and more people are on the market for IEMs. I’m passionate about helping people, so today I want to give you the low …

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Why Do Christians Love To Argue?

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Today we’re going to talk about the trinity and why it is the correct Biblical view.  I’m kidding!  I say that because I felt like leading with a good example of what not to say around Christians …unless you’re planning on wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. It’s comparable to posting “Barack Obama 2017” on facebook.  You better get ready …

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Should We Allow Un-Saved Musicians to Play In Our Services?

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Quite often I’m asked my opinion of if it’s OK to hire unsaved musicians to play in a worship service.  I’ve heard this topic debated from every angle you can possibly imagine, and I’ve even seen it done a few times.  I mean, God can move through anyone, right? Let’s look to the Bible.  I believe this answer can be …

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