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Rhetorical Question Answering Guy

iStock_000016225393XSmallToday I want to recognize a personal hero of mine.  It’s someone that we all have in our congregations.  It’s the rhetorical question answering guy.

Nothing brightens my day like a good ole answer yelled out after the pastor asks a hypothetical/rhetorical question.  Rhetorical question …when the pastor asks something that’s meant to make you reflect.  …It’s obviously not to have everyone in the audience yell out an answer.

For instance, the pastor may say something about heaven and then say in passing, “and who doesn’t want to go to heaven?”  Without fail, there’s always that guy who’s maybe not quite aware and yells out a hardy “Nobody pastor!”

I just want us to take a minute and salute all of our rhetorical question answering brothers and sisters in our congregations.  What would we do without them? (Hypothetical Question)

I believe that yelling out answers to rhetorical questions is a spiritual gift, and that our churches wouldn’t be complete without them.  Me personally, I’m not Christian enough to yell out answers to rhetorical questions.  And next time someone yells out an answer to a rhetorical question in your church, just silently reflect on how awesome they are.

Rhetorical Question Answering Guy: making christians smirk to one another in churches everywhere.

Do you have a rhetoricall question answering guy in your church?  Please tell us about it!

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  1. Trisman

    What you see in the audience of my paotsr and worship leader is the same and I love and respect them for that because they are genuine and authentic whether on stage or off. I am on the praise and worship team and I too worship the same in the audience or on stage holding the mic. There is not a set way to worship so you may see us singing, raising or hands, shouting or laying on the floor. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how anyone else worships but our own hearts towards God. That’s why half the time I’m not looking at anyone because I’m not there for them but to worship a Holy God who has done too much for me not to praise him. We need to get over ourselves and be about the work of the Lord not focused on how people worship because they can’t judge the heart. Just saying .

  2. Josh

    I nearly cried from how funny and accurate this post is.
    Forwarding to the rest of the team now.

  3. Jordan Parker
    Jordan Parker12-24-2013

    Too funny bro.

  4. Brad

    We have a rhetorical answer lady at our church! She sits on the front row and answers every single question our pastor asks. (Sometimes her answers are totally wrong!) She’s the sweetest lady, though. She’s encouraging and loves to talk to our band after gatherings. I enjoy talking with her because she’s so positive and genuinely loves to be a part of our church. God bless the Rhetorical Question Answerers.

    • Shalon

      Amen, I find that that’s the attitude with most rhetorical question answers. They are mostly nice and kind hearted.

  5. Donna

    Just a shout out on playing by ear blog. I did not learn how to play guitar until a few years ago, never thinking God would use someone as inexperienced as myself to lead worship. Reading your challenge on learning to play by ear shook me, as I feel like learning to play the chords and strumming and singing is a major hurdle in itself :).
    Anyway I appreciate your prompting and reasoning behind it, and am going to take your challenge. Any resources you would suggest?
    Thank you for sharing your experience and the challenge to grow as a musician.

    • Shalon

      Thanks Donna,
      Learning to play by ear is a skill that you will be glad you have. Honestly, the best resource is just your guitar and the song. You don’t have to stress over learning to play by ear. If you just practice playing along with a song and picking out notes/chords, you’re training your ear. It’ll happen organically like that.