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Battling the “That’s Good Enough For A Church” Attitude

ExcellenceThere is nothing that sets a fire inside of me more than a “that’s good enough for a church” attitude.  I’m going straight for the point.  The church has celebrated mediocrity for way too long.

When I was younger, I remember going to a church where the band was awesome.  The vocalists were great! And I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a huge fan of choir, but even the choir was great!  At age 13 we moved cites and started visiting new churches.  I remember being at the first church we visited, when a girl got up to sing…and  I’m going to be blunt here…she was horrible!  I couldn’t believe that someone let her up there on stage!

People try to say, “well, her heart is good.”  Well, I’m sure it is too, but I didn’t have to stand there and listen to her heart.  I had had to stand there and listen to her voice, and it was sucking the life out of me.

That’s what the church will do.  We’ll let people who can’t sing, sing, people who can’t play, play, and people who can’t preach, preach.  And then we’ll turn around and call it authenticity.  But when I think of the church, because we’ve been called by God, built by Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirt, I heard a pastor say once, “we should be doing church better than Disney does Disney, Apple does Apple, and Google does Google.”

Do you realize we worship a guy who used to be dead and now is alive!  That’s more impressive than any Disneyland Park, iPhone, or iPad combined!  That’s more impressive than anything the world has ever done!.

He deserves our best! And that’s not perfection, that’s our best!  If we settle and don’t bring our best to the table, it dishonors God.  And I’m going to continue this in my next post, with why it dishonors God.  But if you’re like me, and tired of the spirit of mediocrity and the “that’s good enough for a church” attitude, share this post!  And lets change the way the world sees the church!

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  1. Anonymous

    You may have thought is was terrible, but God thought it was a beautiful aroma because it came out of a heart of love and sacrifice to Him