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The Secret to Growing as a Worshiper

Today’s post wraps up the 7 part series we’ve been in on what we can do to bring true worship into our churches.  I have all of the posts in this series listed at the bottom.

I like to consider this post the cherry on top of everything that we’ve talked about in the other parts of this series.  It’s short, simple, and sweet.

Never stop asking God for more, and never become complacent.

DeeperI’ve been through countless worship experiences where it seemed that everyone in the entire congregation was either asleep or dead.  Then afterwords, the pastor would tell me how he’s never seen his congregation respond so well in worship.  Which of course is always a shocker for me.

I’d hate to see a service where they don’t “respond well.”  Still, it’s always great to see what may have been dead make positive strides.

But then I’ll come back months or even a year later and find that there is no difference from the last time I was there and now.  What happened?

I believe that it has a lot to do with complacency.  They had a great experience in worship and thought that that was it, they had maxed out, there is no where to go from there. They had a great experience, and they are happy with it.  No one ever thought to ask, “can we go even deeper with God?”

Complacency is a sickness that affects a majority of the American Church.  A heart that is complacent isn’t able to see how things can be improved.  It believes there is no more to God than what they currently already have.

The God of a complacent heart is very small.  It never says “I want even more of what God has to offer.”  Why put in the effort and things that I talked about in other part of this series, if you don’t even care to move forward with God.

A real relationship with Christ is one in which the closer you get to Him, the more you realize how far away you are.  I love it!  My God is HUGE and INFINITE!  It doesn’t matter where you are at, never stop reaching for more.

You can never stop going deeper with God.  When you begin to see breakthrough in areas of worship, thank God and keep pushing for more.

Have you ever battled complacency? How did you overcome it?

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