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Does Your Church Worship?…Do You?

This is part six of a seven part series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed at the bottom.

827529_10946512Nothing breaks my heart more than being in a worship service at a church that doesn’t express worship, and to look and see the pastor standing there with his arms crossed, or hands in his pockets.  And He was the one 10 minutes earlier telling me to bring some powerful worship!

I have actually seen a pastor sit with his legs crossed, looking bored as ever, through an entire worship service.  Or when I see a worship leader or musicians looking like statues on stage.  I don’t question why the church doesn’t worship when I see things like this.

I could go on all day, but the point here is what sort of example are you setting for your congregation when it comes to worship?  A better question is, are you showing that Jesus is worth something to you?  Because if you don’t act like he’s worth praising, your congregation that looks to you for leadership, sure as heck isn’t going to act like he’s worth praising.

Our worship to Jesus is attractive to other people.  People will want to know a God that others think is worth praising.  Let me explain it like this.

If you overhear me bragging and going on and on about a friend of mine, aren’t you going to be a little interested in finding out what is so awesome about this person? And maybe you might even want to meet this person.  But no one wants to meet someone that I’m not excited about, and frankly… even a little bored with.

Many of the words for worship in the original translations have to do with physical posture.  Bowing, kissing, kneeling.  Worship has everything to do with your posture to God.

You boldly expressing your worship might even be that little kick that someone else needed for them to feel comfortable expressing it.  Love not worth expressing, isn’t love at all!

A church that doesn’t express worship is a dead church.  So set the example and express your praises to God!  You’re teaching them so much about worship when you do.  You’re showing them that your God is worth being excited over.

I know that a lot of us come from very traditional church cultures.  And it’s not easy sometimes to boldly express yourself to God in worship.  So I pray that you have supernatural boldness to give God the worship He deserves in the face of opposition.

I don’t know everything, so I want to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment below!

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  1. The DAK
    The DAK09-09-2013

    I have said nearly the exact thing! Before leaving to travel with Clear Camps, at my church taking photos and video in the second service, the band played some Hillsong song that I love! Everyone just sat there quietly during it and I said, if they won’t, I will. Later it hit me. When we reach heaven, it will be nothing but 24/7 worshipping, singing, dancing, and fully giving everything. Church on Sunday is a way to start practicing that now for when we get to heaven, we will have the know how and for us to break free. It is time to break away from old stupid traditions of standing and being monotone with our actions and words of worship. You understand that.

    • Shalon

      Haha if they hate worship, they will hate heaven, because that’s all it is. Worship. I completely agree with you!

  2. Ryan

    You are right on. People follow leaders, and for the congregation there is no reason or they may not even know they need to go into uncharted territory, if someone isn’t leading the charge. The church’s lack of identity in Jesus allows the “What will people think” mentality to keep them captive. Sometimes people don’t even know they are held captive unless they see what freedom looks like.

    • Shalon

      So good! And so true!

    • Shane

      Hey Ryan, I understand your point, but I am not sure it is the right way to think about it. If people follow leadership, then they will rise and fall based upon the leaderships mood or life choices. I think we need to always deflect them from us (our personality, charisma, etc) and point them to Jesus who never changes. I never want some one to move their heart because of my leading or emotions, I want them to become thrilled because of Jesus and His glory (Heb 1:3).

      • Shalon

        Hey Shane, you are correct. However, this does not mean that we can neglect the importance of leadership. Yes, we point people to jesus, but it is the ability to adequately do so that we are talking about here. We can’t just say “I’m not gonna do anything or care because they should be following Jesus and not me anyways.” Leadership is our ability to effectively reflect and point people to the true Christ. That middle ground and HOW to effectively point to Jesus is what we are discussing. I do understand what you are saying though.