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See How Easily You Can Change Your Church Culture

This is part five of a seven part “Band Schmand, YOU Bring the Worship” series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed at the bottom.

6796883234_80e74d836eToday let’s talk about tongues.

Yes, you are still on the correct website.  Don’t freak out.  Let me explain.

I mean, I hate when I hear people talk down about their own churches. (Or really any church, but that’s a whole different blog post)  “They’re doing this wrong! They never worship! My pastor is an idiot!”  Being negative seems to have become part of the american church culture.

All we’re doing is speaking our minds or the truth, right? Sure, but there is a huge difference between thinking something, and saying it.   Because that negative thing that you said about something or someone, you’ve spoken it into existence.

Proverbs 18:21 says, “the tongue has the power of life and death.”  Now that’s a lot of power if you ask me.  What are you speaking over your church?  You have an opportunity to speak great things into existence!  We try to do so much to help our churches, but sometimes we neglect a huge weapon that God has given us.  Our words.  Yet it seems that so many of us are using that weapon against our own team.

In our natural world, saying something may not seem like much.   But in the spiritual, I imagine lighting is shooting through your words, angels are flocking, and worlds are being rocked!  This is a powerful form of prophesy.

I once heard about a pastor who had a large church building, but very few people.   Every Sunday he would would welcome everybody to the church.  He would look up to the balcony as if there were people there and welcome them also.  He lived by God’s standard and refused to believe what the world was telling him.  Well guess what?  Eventually those balconies began to fill with people!

Do you want to see your church get a grasp of worship?  Repeat after me, “My church loves to worship, and God will do powerful things through it.”  Now that wasn’t so hard.  And don’t you just feel so much better than if you were to speak something negative?

Share the things you expect God to do.  Speak great destinies over people.  Just say some positive things for once,  It’ll change everything!

So check yourself before you speak ill things over your church.  Plus, nobody likes a negative Nancy.  (No offense if your name is Nancy)

I want to hear your thoughts on the power of the tongue. Share them below in the comments!

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