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Why Some People ALWAYS Encounter God In Worship

This is part four of the seven part “Band Shmand, YOU Bring the worship” series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed at the bottom.

Today I want to challenge you with

1429031_28126230What are you expecting God to do during worship?

Now hear me loud and clear when I say, WORSHIP IS NOT ABOUT US!  In fact, not one word for worship in the original translation has ANYTHING to do with us! (Nor with music for that matter) It’s all about giving God the adoration He deserves.  We do not go into worship to implore God to work on behalf of almighty man!

I started out making that statement because those are very important things to grasp when we worship.  And although they are very true, I have found that EVERY TIME I MEET WITH MY GOD IN WORSHIP, HE IS FAITHFUL TO MEET BACK WITH ME!

God is not offended when we expect Him to do awesome things through our worship to him.  Expectation is simply Faith.  Do you find yourself going through the motions? Or with a heart that doesn’t really expect anything great to happen?  Let me guess, nothing really great ever happens does it?

Or are you expecting God to heal families, break chains of addiction, or pour out His spirit? As leaders, start expecting God to do great and powerful things in your churches.  Expectation is a very contagious attitude.  Imagine what could happen if everyone in your church came into worship knowing and expecting that God is going to do great things!

We hear and read about great moves of God in the world.  I believe a lot of it has to do with people expecting and knowing that God is going to do something huge.  God is faithful to respond to an attitude of expectation.

Expect every time you worship to be a powerful experience with God.  How are you expecting God to move in your service? Good, now expect more! We are limited with our human brains and thoughts, but God isn’t!  I’m expecting God to blow the walls off the building and rebuild them in gold…no, platinum…no, chocolate; right before our eyes!  I’m kidding (kind of) but you get the point.

The next time you go into worship, go in expecting God to do great things!  Challenge other leaders in your church with this.  Ask some people what they are expecting God to do.  Then watch as God moves in powerful ways among your church!

What are you thoughts on expecting God to move? Share with us below in the Comments!

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  1. Dave Smith
    Dave Smith02-01-2016

    What you don’t suggest–and it is probably the most reasonable of all possibilities–is that some people are more prone to suggestion and gullible than others. Some will “feel” God no matter what because they are predisposed to sensing/feeling things, whether real or not.