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You Don’t have to be Hillsong to Have “Powerful Worship”

This is part three of a seven part series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed below.

So my big point today is,

1424359_63339708Don’t count on anyone else to bring “powerful” worship!

I’ve been a part of countless “services” where too many people have the mentality that it’s up to the band to bring the powerful worship.  I’m guilty of it!

I used to beat myself up after leading a worship service where it just didn’t seem as though people connected.  Or worship just didn’t seem to be “powerful,” you know? I used to think it was my fault somehow.

But God dealt with me and I’m done with that dumb thinking.  He spoke to me one day and said, “you present Me and let Me worry about the ministering.”  And boy was that relieving to hear!  It’s actually weight off all of our backs.  So often we try to do only what God can do!

Back on track.  We are all temples of the Holy Spirit.  It is each and every one of our job to house and worship God!  And no band can bring that, or get in the way of that! I’m going to do my best to encourage others to worship by proclaiming Jesus, and if people are open to that then they will worship.

By far, the most powerful worship I’ve ever had was in my room alone with NO MUSIC (gasp!).  So often we count on the band being good or for this and that. Worship is not situational. We are here to worship, no matter what!

I’m tired of hearing the statement, “worship would have been even more awesome if…” No, YOUR worship would have been awesome if you would have stopped sharing your focus between God and that other thing. (That is a classic Jesus Juke, but also the truth)

“Christians” like to come to services with this attitude of receiving.  It’s about us! Let us sit back and receive songs and a word!  And it better be songs I like and a message the way I like it.

We’ve got to ask Jesus to break that spirit,  and then take responsibility for what we are on this Earth to do!  Worship!  I believe a realization of what Jesus has done for us is the best antidote for a non-worshiping spirit.

Have you had, or had to deal with this kind of spirit? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Ryan

    I couldn’t agree more with you on putting the load on God. We are supposed to give him our burdens. He gives us a little something to do, which is a light load in comparison. I can lead worship to the best of my ability and with passion, but only the Holy Spirit can fill the place with His glorious and awesome presence.

    • Shalon

      Hey thanks Ryan! It really is a testament to how good our God is.

  2. Shalon

    Thanks Bren! We are all new, so you’ll fit in great! (I just started this blog about a month ago)
    There are 2 books that I’ve read that have absolutely changed my life. The first on worship is the one I mentioned in part 2. “How to worship a King” by Zach Neese. The second is “The Blessed Life” by Robert Morris. Isn’t exactly on worship, but is about giving. (Which IS WORSHIP when you do it in obedience to God, so really it is on worship) As far as creative arts books, I can honestly say that I have never read anything really worth mentioning on creative arts.

  3. Bren McLean
    Bren McLean08-13-2013

    Enjoying the series, Shalon!
    I’m new to your blog. What are the best books you have read on worship and creative arts?