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Solve Your “No Keyboardist” Problem Once And For All


I’m taking a break from the “Band Shmand, YOU bring the worship” series today to share some interesting stuff with you!

Worship Pads

Pads in worship are exactly what they say they are.  A pad.  But not just any pad.  I imagine worship bands playing over a pit of spikes…What the pads do is protect the worship band from plummeting into a horrible death. (from spikes)  The band is free to do their thing, as long as they have the protection of the pads resting softly underneath.

Ok, maybe this is a little bit of an exaggeration.  But there IS a reason that ALL of the most influential worship bands in the world have some sort of thick pad layering in all of their recordings.  They’ve figured it out!

Think about it. As instruments like guitar, drums, piano, or bass play, there is no way to keep constant sound going without specific moments where sound is released. For example, the strum of a guitar, the hit of a drum, or the pressing of a piano key.

Each of these specific actions is a spike (whether light or obvious) in sound volume.  And as the note rings out, it slowly loses volume until it is hit again.

What a pad is able to do is create that constant sound movement with no interruptions or spikes and dips in volume levels.  This causes an ambient atmospheric feel that is pleasurable to the human ear.  It fills in the gaps in the music, and glues it all together.  Thus, giving the band a fuller, richer sound.

There is definitely an art in creating pad sounds.  It’s all about creating that sound that can almost send you into meditation when you hear it.  Unfortunately, you can rack up a pretty large bill purchasing the gear to create these sounds.  That includes things like a computer, keyboard, and programs.

Not to mention having somebody that is skilled in playing these types of sounds.

Introducing the Worship Pad Loops! (Or re-introducing if you already have them!)

Using the Worship Pad Loops

As I was brainstorming on what to write in a “How to best use the Worship Pad Loops” section, all I could come up with was PLUG AND PLAY, PLUG AND PLAY, and you guessed it…PLUG AND PLAY! How am I supposed to write a whole post on something so simple to use?

Check out this awesome demonstration of the loops the guys over at created!

The download is all 12 major keys and comes in Mp3 format, so the possibilities are endless.  Play from your phone, iPod, computer, or use them in programs like Mainstage or Ableton. Feel free to use them in you recordings! (Just give me a shout out somewhere though)

A lot of work has gone into making these loops sound top of the line, studio quality, and crystal clear; so all of our worship music can be taken to the next level!

Head over to and get yours! (If you haven’t already!)

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