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Give Me 5 Minutes, and I’ll Show You Why Your Church Doesn’t Worship

This is part two of a seven part series on what we can do as leaders to break through religion when it comes to worship!  I have all of the posts listed at the bottom.

photoTeach about Worship!

What else is there better to do with people that don’t actually know a thing about worship, than to TEACH ABOUT IT! I touched on this in part 1, but I’ll dive a little deeper here.

When I see churches who don’t worship, I see leadership that isn’t teaching about or addressing it.

We aren’t oblivious when the worship at our churches is “lack-luster.”  But yet, so often we hide from the issue and just hope it works itself out.  I want to be blunt. If your congregation’s worship sucks, don’t beat around the bush.  Address the issue from a compassionate stand point and begin to teach what real worship is.

The bible is our model. They aren’t opposed to reading the bible are they? …are they?

Worshiping Jesus should be the most important thing at our churches!  

The most incredible book I’ve ever read on worship is How To Worship A King by Zach Neese.  Zach is a worship pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in America, Gateway Church!  He explains the vast subject of worship through scripture in an eye opening way!

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone!  A better understanding of true worship will strengthen your walk with God! Here is a quote from the book, and then I want to hear your thoughts.  Zach says,

“If the leaders don’t fully understand worship, how can they expect to teach people about it? And if they do not teach people about worship, how can they expect people to participate in it?  And If people don’t engage in worship, how can we expect to invite the presence of God into our churches? And if we do not invite the prescence of God into the Church, how can we expect His power to operate in peoples lives? And if His power is not operating in people’s lives, how can we expect to have anything other than a lifeless church?”

I’d post the whole book if could! What are your thoughts on teaching people about worship? Leave a comment!

Get “How To Worship a King” by clicking here!

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  1. Shane

    I think you can teach people all day long about worship and even demonstrate it, but until a person has an encounter with The Lord it will just be charades. When Paul was knocked to the ground and saw the light of Jesus he became addicted to The Lord of Glory. I teach and exhibit to my congregation of lifeless people week after week and they look at me like I am an alien with two heads. People need to have revelation of who this Man is if we want to see real worship. I am also convinced that worship starts with a church repenting of their sins of being fat and lazy Americans. I may try that on Sunday, if you don’t hear back from me, I’ve probably been crucified.

    • Shalon

      Hey Shane, I totally agree. Thanks for sharing!