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Band Shmand, YOU Bring The Worship

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This is part 1 of a 7 part series on what we can do to bring true worship into our churches.  It’s about to get real!  I have all of the posts in this series listed at the bottom.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a phone call or email from a pastor inviting me to come play at his or her (yes, HER. I’m no sexist) church and somewhere in the conversation he or she throws in a statement along the lines of “we just need powerful worship,” or “we want you guys to bring some powerful worship.”

I’m sure all of these pastors have a great heart and good intentions, but what I tend to hear in these statements are “our church is dead, please come help!”  This is a bold statement, but I would never say anything if it didn’t turn out that more often than not, I heard right!

I am finding out that more and more people don’t know a thing about worship!

I am a firm believer in that everything comes back to leadership. I want to urge leaders not to neglect time spent teaching people HOW, or the importance of, worship!  Not just worship leaders, but pastors, deacons, greeters, musicians, priests, pharaohs…etc.  *Note, PLEASE LEARN YOURSELF FIRST!

So often we’re neglecting teaching people about worship, and we expect a band to come in, or have a conference or revival or something, and for gold dust to just start flying through the air and people to start getting slain in the spirit.

Today I want to inspire and motivate you!
YOU bring the powerful worship!  It doesn’t come from the band! (This could be a message of hope for those of you who have sucky bands)  It’s like Smoky the Bear says, “only you can prevent forest fires.” He’s saying that it’s ultimately not up to the firefighters to prevent fires, it’s our responsibility.

In the same way, we can’t count on the band to bring powerful worship.  It’s everyones job.  So that means that we can’t blame the band for pathetic worship.  So many times I’ve spoken to people who’ve had incredible worship experiences, and talked to someone else who was in the SAME SERVICE who had a poor one.  Is that the bands fault? No, it’s a personal thing!

I also want to challenge YOU to worship and dive into learning what the Bible teaches about true worship.  My heart is truly burdened for the American church. It seems to be a sleeping giant.

In my next 6 blog posts, I’m going to share some ideas of what I’ve seen work that can help us grow as worshipers, and lead others to do the same. So I guess you can call it a 7 part series. (Hooray!)  And not just to make my job as a worship leader easier, but so we can see our churches exploding with passion and growth.

What I’d like to end with today is another challenge for YOU to take responsibility for your worship.  It’s not something that can be given to you from a band or pastor.

I never claim to know everything, what are your thoughts? Leave it in a comment below.

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  1. upmojics

    Amen! Our lives is our worship. Its those days spent outside the platform that define us. Whatever happens on it is just an overflow of how we lead our lives. I love the verse in the letters of John that speaks of Christ loving us first, before us loving Him. True worship is always a response to what God has caused us to experience in our daily work. Its also important most song leaders and those who are involved in the band to remember that the best service that we can give to God is justice and mercy as what the book of Amos tell us. Members in a worship team can be easily mislead to think that our labor and sacrifices (on stage) is the main thing. God deligths in obedience and learning to “minister” first to the One who loved us first is prime. Justice and mercy in our walk (relationship) with Him is tantamount to our devotion and allegiance to Him. Thanks and God bless.

    • Shalon

      Wow, thanks a lot for sharing upmojics! This is some good stuff!

  2. Dee

    Came across your site through a sponsored ad on twitter. Usually don’t follow through with them but I took a chance on yours.

    I love this post! I recently moved and I am in the process of looking for a new church. And I must say, it is so easy to fall into the “I like the pastor and his preaching but the music wasn’t quite my style” mindset. Thanks for the reminder and re-adjustment of my focus on to what church and true worship is really about.

    Worshipping God in the presence of fellow believers is one of the greatest things in this life. To me, it is a foretaste of what heaven will be like and that is so encouraging to want to do my part in getting myself in the mindset to worship my King.

    Looks like this is a pretty new blog, judging by the number of posts. I hope you keep it up, you are a great writer and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say!

    • Shalon

      Thanks for the kind and encouraging words Dee! And your right, music tends to be way bigger of an issue than it should be in a lot of places. (may be an odd thing to hear from a worship leader lol)
      And yes, I just started this blog a couple of weeks ago! Thanks again for the awesome input!

  3. Hunter Brobst
    Hunter Brobst07-29-2013

    Couldn’t agree more! Man, the American church is so used to a “routine” that we lose all of our spontantinuity and charisma sometimes! (At least that is my optimistic assumption!) Where there is charisma there is the Holy Spirit!

    • Shalon

      Thanks Hunter, you are so right! God has chosen to do his work through man, and sometimes it takes charisma to do what He asks. Thanks for the good word bro!