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Take Some Freakin Notes – 3 Reasons Why

529092_35688940Do you ever just feel good about yourself after taking notes in church?

I could have sat on the couch eating Cheetos and watching Sponge Bob all day, but if I took notes during a service that night, I can rest well feeling like I just took a giant leap in achieving my life goals.

Not to mention it gives me another day or so more to eat Cheetos and watch Sponge Bob before the guilty feeling of being unproductive sets back in.

So to everyone who took notes in church in the last couple of day’s, sleep well my friends–you deserve it.


if you consider yourself a leader of any kind, you better have been cracking open that notebook (or iPad for those of us in the 21st century) and taking dadgum notes!

3 big reasons why you should take notes in church:

1.  A true leader desires to learn and become a better leader.

Take the position of a student and learn when you have the opportunity.  It’s just plain healthy!

2.  Set the example

As a leader, people are always watching your every move. Set the example for others in your church.  You never know when someone will hear something that changes their life because they felt comfortable taking notes and were engaged because they saw you doing it.

3. Keeps you engaged

It keeps you from dosing off.  And if you (the leader) is dosing off, you can expect everyone else in the church to dose off to.

Bottom line is that people are waiting for someone to follow, step up and be that person who leads them in the right direction.  And if you don’t consider yourself a leader, check again because if you proclaim yourself as s “christian,” people are watching your every move.

Do you think taking notes is a big deal?  We want to hear your thoughts.  Let us know in a comment below.  And if you have sat next to me in church recently, do not leave a comment below.

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  1. Ken Folk
    Ken Folk07-25-2013

    This is good stuff, man.
    I’d like to add the importance of application. Take notes and then apply those truths to life. “Be hearers, [note takers], and doers of the Word.”

    • Shalon

      Thanks bro! Yea, application is huge. That’s good a word!

  2. Grace

    I love taking notes I church! It helps me remember what we talked about and helps me if I have a stituation and need to use that specific bible verse.

    • Shalon

      I’m the same way. I like being able to look back at something whenever I want to.