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What better way to kick off my only halfway finished blog than to post the Music Video @danielmaddry and I just finished!

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Ride my penny after dark

hang my eno in the park

but you probably never heard of it

feelin fly and I’m swervin it


I’m just feeling devoted, don’t care if people notice

gonna wear my tight jeans, forget what the world always told us

get out my record player, Urban Outfitters (what up)

who wants to listen to some eighties bands that no ones ever heard of (I do)

I can’t help if what you like I don’t, you’ll drown in the mainstream while I float

Hang out, chill, stay broke. Do it rockin that homeless coat

Now instagram that coffee, pick a bright filter for that entree

don’t mind if I open a notebook and set up a Bible and take a few pictures of it while I study

My arms are sweatin (jacket) but I’ve never felt fresher

wearin that hat, that scarf, those boots, in hundred and one degree weather

you think that’s cool? Well that’s so last year to me

you understand that what you thought was cool, I did it ironically

gotta be opposing to the masses, check these sick looking glasses

got no lenses don’t need em, cus it’s the look that surpasses

get a lot of looks when I ride my 50’s bike to the store

showin the world that mustaches aren’t just for pedophiles anymore

mixin my coffee with herbal tea, keeps my from being to mainstream

rockin that deep V that’s too deep for decency, while carrying my keys on my pants with a clippy

look at all those mainstreamers searchin for the next big title

as for me, I was the first to have it on vinyl


Mix it up from deep V’s with scoop neck T’s

Use my Top Man discount to order my clothes from overseas

I’m tweetin about my favorite bands you would have never found

I’m playin my upright bass, sittin indian style on the ground

I rock  a high and tight, write left not right

sleep all day stay up all night, buy a coffee, fly a kite

I wak up late, go to the Maker’s Fair

I correct the way that people say “Bon Iver”

I rock an anchor man, but don’t call me Ron Burgandy

I got the suit, the tie, but you probably never heard of me

Cat t-shirts, fanny packs, and refurbished wood

I’d build my loft out of pallet walls if only I could

Cardigans, triangles, movies from a reel

Ikea, tank tops, Hammocks, and Hannah Hill

I write my own newspaper lookin like a bum

I play folk music with my home made kick drum

If you’re sittin in the park, and you smell something sour

It’s the norm, I never use soap, I never take a shower


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  1. Shalon

    Yep, this is my first comment!

    • Anonymous

      Hey dude. I gotta say IM impressed with your blog 😉 it’s very heartwarming to see how your reaching out to others and I pray the best for you. Good job bro and keep it up!!!

      • Shalon

        Thanks bro!