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Worship Leaders – 4 Ways to Encourage People To Worship

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If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a worship leader, church leader, or something similar to that.  And it’s very possible that you’ve been in a service, like I have, where it seemed like the worship was just… dead. If you’ve never been in a service like that, congratulations on reading this to simply better yourself.  For the rest of us, we …

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How To Not Be Bored At Church

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When people ask me my goals in life (not that I get asked that a lot, but it does happen) they are sometimes startled by my answer. I always respond, “To never be bored.” You may think I’m crazy, or even slightly ignorant. I mean, what about the thousands of self help books and speakers that tell us to make …

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Solve Your “Unprepared Musician” Problems Once And For All!

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I’ve been hard at work over the last year working with a team to create a resource that is going change the way that we (musicians) prepare for our worship sets. Introducing! Whether you’re an individual musician, or a worship leader seeking to equip your team, we have the tools to excellently prepare you for worship! The site is …

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Are You Treating Your Volunteers Like “Slaves”?

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If you’ve been a part of my blog for some time, you know that I’m the biggest supporter of excellence.  I am 100% for people being prepared and honoring of the positions they have.  Today I want to take a different approach.  And I’ll start with this statement… Your musicians on your team are not slaves. They aren’t workers. They …

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How “Crazy” is Your Church’s Worship?

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The other day I was talking to a pastor and he told me, “We worship, but we don’t get out of control.”  Ok, now hear my heart on this… I’ve been in the “worship game” long enough to know exactly what this is code for…and I won’t water it down for you… What he’s trying to tell me is that his …

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Did You Know That Even Pastors Don’t Feel the Presence of God Sometimes

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How great would it be if every single time we went into worship, the heavens opened and we felt the presence of God fill every inch of the room.  It would be fantastic!  However, unless you’re a super Christian and just won’t admit it, the truth is, it just doesn’t happen that way all the time. Sometimes it feels like …

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1 Simple Trick That Can Take Your Services To the Next Level TODAY!

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Today’s post is very short.  I want to share with you one simple production tip that you can implement today to really enhance your services.  In order to illustrate a point, I want you to press this play button. It’s going to play a simple pad sound while you read.  Make sure you can hear it well.  Continue reading and I’ll …

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Why Some People Have Such A Hard Time With Change in Church

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The other day I walked into Waffle House… (Yes, I love waffle house.  If you don’t know what Waffle House is, it’s kind of like IHOP. If you don’t know what IHOP is, it’s a restaurant that’s open 24/7 that specializes in breakfast.) Phew! Now that that’s out of the way… The other day I walked into Waffle House only …

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Are You Taking Responsibility For Your Own Worship?

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This is just a short piece of my free eBook I give away as a gift to people who subscribe to get my blog posts via email.  I hope it speaks to you in the same way it did me.   And I know what you’re thinking, “If he wrote it, and it’s speaking to him, does that mean he’s speaking …

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You Might As Well Punch Jesus In the Face If You’re Gonna Do This!

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Today I want to stand high upon a soapbox that I’ve been meaning to stand on for a while now.  You may feel differently on this particular issue than me, so feel free to write a book on it, or leave a comment below…whichever is easier. I was in a church some months ago where a lady passed out this …

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